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    • Simpson, Lorna (1960- );
    • Diptic with left image the back head and shoulders of a figure, the right panel with text plaques surrounded by a long braid of hair
    • Color photography; Polaroid
    • Candy Cigarettes

    • Mann, Sally (1951- );
    • Young girl in white dress holding candy cigarette, another girl stands with back to viewer, in back figure on ladder
    • Black and white photography; Gelatin silver print;
    • Sombra

    • Kuhn, Mona (1969-)
    • Woman's back with her hand casting a shadow on her lower back
    • Black and white photography;
    • Untitled

    • Althoff, Kai (1966-)
    • Image of two men sitting back to back, right in orange/red left in black, flowers on way right
    • Watercolor on paper
    • This Person For Sale

    • Fadong, Zhu (1960- )
    • Stills from video documentation (completed in 1998) of performance in Peking (Beijing), white cotton cloth sign on the artist's back reads ""This person for sale; please discuss price in person""
    • Lion Hunt

    • Delacroix, Eugene (1798-1863)
    • Two men on horse back hunting lions
    • Oil on canvas
    • The Oath of the Horatii

    • David, Jacques Louis (1748-1825)
    • Four primary figures with an architectural back drop
    • Oil on canvas
    • Pablo Casala

    • Karsh, Yousuf (1908-2002)
    • Portait taken from the back, published in Faces of Our Time
    • Black and white photography;
    • From the series Remembrances

    • Sudek, Josef (1896-1976);
    • Foggy image of a backyard, central light coming from back of composition somewhere, night scene
    • Black and white photography;
    • The Chinese Must Go!

    • Political cartoon depicting Chinese person who earned money in the USA and sends it back to China
    • Graphics
    • Professor Aubert of the Sorbonne

    • Lartigue, Jacques Henri (1896-1986);
    • Man swimming on back (at the Chateau de Rouzat)
    • Black and white photography; Gelatin silver print;
    • Anissa, Chicago

    • Josephson, Kenneth (1932- );
    • Close up portrait of a child's face attached to a larger image of the back of the child
    • Black and white photography;
    • Painting

    • Bacon, Francis (1909-1992);
    • Figure with mouth open and eyes covered with umbrella, split open animal carcas in back of figure
    • Oil and tempera;
    • Untitled

    • Wegman, William (1943- );
    • Profile portrait of woman leaning back on arm with black dog peering over her shoulder
    • Color photography; Polacolor II;
    • Stone Lion Grove, Suchow: Mountain Pavilion (Shan T'ing)

    • Lin, Shih Tzu
    • Begun 1342 as a monastery garden, destroyed late 17th century, reconstructed for Ch'ien Lung's 1762 southern tour. Small fan-shaped pavilion high up on a rockery at the corner of a wall in southwestern part of garden. On the back wall of the...
    • F-8

    • Piccillo, Joseph (1941- );
    • New Realist drawing. Back of tatooed man
    • Charcoal;
    • Untitled

    • Longo, Robert (1953- );
    • New Realist drawing. Man flinching and leaning back
    • Charcoal; Graphite; Paper;
    • To E. M. Forster

    • Cadmus, Paul (1904-1999);
    • Foreshortening. Toned paper on back with pigment. Young woman lying on blanket in grass with book (E. M. Forster), next to her lies a nude man
    • Black and white egg tempera; Tracing paper;
    • Women on the Move for the Exodus

    • Daumier, Honore (1808 - 1879)
    • Back view of main figure with basket in her left hand and the hand of her child in the right
    • Crayon, red chalk and wash, heightened with pen
    • Study for Goldfish

    • Klimpt, Gustav (1862 - 1918)
    • Images of two naked female bodies from the back, they are sitting on their legs with their heads bent over
    • Pencil
    • Kneeling Female Nude

    • Schiele, Egon (1890-1918);
    • The back of a kneeling woman wearing only shoes
    • Black crayon
    • Study for Expectation

    • Klimpt, Gustav (1862 - 1918)
    • 3/4 length image of a woman with one of her hands on the back of her head, the other under her chin
    • Pencil
    • The Little Round Mirror, Paris

    • Steichen, Edward (1879-1973);
    • Soft photo the back of a nude woman standing before mirror
    • Black and white photography; Platinum print;
    • Les Americains, Butte, Montana

    • Frank, Robert Louis (1924- );
    • Woman in the passenger side of car with children in the back seat
    • Black and white photography;
    • Vallery Curtain, Unfurled

    • Javacheff, Christo (1935- ); de Guillebon, Jeanne-Claude (1935- )
    • Photograph of the Valley Curtain as seen from the back of two motorcycles
    • The Lesbian Project (15)

    • Lee, Nikki S. (1970- );
    • Nikki showing her lovers tatoo on her lower back to the camera
    • Color photography;
    • Young Couple

    • Kollwitz, Kathe (1867-1945);
    • Young woman seated on bed, with man with back to us, standing in the background; with the impressed texture of the weave of the cloth
    • Intaglio;
    • Night on the El Train

    • Hopper, Edward (1882-1967);
    • Seated couple, well dressed, riding in the back (or front) of an empty train car
    • Etching
    • Untitled (Lobster)

    • Weems, Carrier Mae (1953- );
    • ed. 5, A seated man and woman, at table, eating lobster with beer, and as he puts food in his mouth, she is touching his head; bird cage in the back corner.
    • Black and white photography; Gelatin silver print;
    • Photo of John Steurat Curry

    • Wood, Grant (1891-1942);
    • John Steurat Curry visiting Grant Wood at Stone City, Iowa, Summer 1932; painting back ground material
    • Black and white photography;
    • Photo of the Artist

    • Bengalis, Lynda (1941- );
    • Photo of the artist, naked, with her back to us and pants pulled down to her ankles for a show announcement.
    • Black and white photography
    • Hang Up

    • Hesse, Eva (1936-1970);
    • Hung frame with wire coming from the top of the frame, descending out and down upon the floor, where it makes contact and enter back into the frame's lower right corner.
    • Acrylic; Cloth; Wood; Steel
    • Gunlock, Utah

    • Lange, Dorothea (1895-1965);
    • Young boy lying on the back of a large horse
    • Black and white photography
    • Martha Graham, Letter to the World (Kick)

    • Morgan, Barbara (1900-1992);
    • Famous photograph of Martha Graham with her wrist to her forehead kicking her leg back creating a beautiful form with her skirt
    • Black and white photography;
    • Ancient Street

    • Bramante (D'angelo, Donato) (1444-1514)
    • example of perspective--pillars and arches going back into space
    • My Egypt

    • Demuth, Charles (1883-1935);
    • Deptiction of a large factory building with abstract shapes cutting in front and back of the subject matter
    • Oil on board;
    • Flour Mill (Factory)

    • Demuth, Charles (1883-1935);
    • Abstracted factory with rectilinear forms cutting through the back and foreground
    • Tempera on board;
    • Nude with Calla Lillies

    • Rivera, Diego (1886-1957);
    • Back side of nude female emracing several very large calla lillies in the background
    • Oil on masonite
    • Boscoreale

    • Interior of room with a red half circle in the back
    • Morris Chair

    • Stickley, Gustav (1858-1942);
    • Chair with leather back
    • Oak; Leather;
    • Les Girls

    • Chiparus, Dimitri
    • front and back views of girls dancing
    • Bronze; Ivory
    • Monkey Teapot

    • Kandler, Johann Joachim
    • Monkey holding one monkey and has another on his back
    • Porcelain
    • Camel

    • Popper, Hans
    • decorative camel with pack on his back
    • Paint; Pottery;
    • Nkisi Nkondi

    • Stout, Renee (1958- );
    • Man with hat and pack on his back
    • wood; glass; iron; mixed media
    • The Connoisseur'

    • Rockwell, Norman (1894-1978)
    • Post Cover, January 13, 1962, a man facing an oil painting while holding his hat behing his back
    • oil painting
    • Kiss Me and You'll Kiss the 'Lasses

    • Spencer, Lilly Martin (1822-1902)
    • Woman in green dress with red apron with back to viewer looking over her sholder to the viewers
    • Oil on canvas;
    • Theatre de la Renaissance

    • Mucha, Alphonse (1860-1939);
    • Program cover, Sarah Bernhardt, woman standing holding a dager above another woman laying on her back, text on top and right side
    • Sun Box

    • Cornell, Joseph (1903-1972);
    • B. H. Friedmanm, open box with sun design painted on back
    • Painted wood; metals; cork
    • Toussaint L'ouverture Series No. 10

    • Lawrence, Jacob (1917-2000);
    • "The cruelty of the planters led the slaves to revolt, 1776. These revolts kept cropping up from time to time--finally came to a head in the rebellion." White man slashing the back of a bound black man.
    • Tempra on paper
    • Nude

    • Bravo, Claudio (1936-)
    • Nude standing man from the back side
    • Graphite on paper
    • Head in Profile

    • Michelangelo (1475-1564);
    • Woman from back with head turned towards the viewer. From Divine Heads, p. 315.
    • Red chalk;
    • Freunde

    • Daniel Richeter (1962- );
    • Elephant with flag on back and rider
    • After the Bath

    • Degas, Edgar (1834-1917);
    • Woman drying her back
    • Charcoal on tracing paper mounted on cardboard
    • The Black Bow

    • Seurat, Georges (1859-1891)
    • Standing woman with black bow on the back of her dress
    • Conte crayon
    • Big Business

    • Horne, J. Wesley
    • Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy driving in a car with a tree hanging out of back
    • Film still
    • My Darling Clemintine

    • Ford, John
    • Staring Henry Fonda; Desert scene with man on chair on porch leaning back with one leg on post
    • Film stills;
    • Five Easy Pieces

    • Rafelson, Bob
    • Staring Jack Nicholson; Man playing piano in the back of a truck
    • Film stills;
    • St. Christopher

    • Wechtlin, Hans (1480/85-1526)
    • Figure carrying a large amount of things on his back
    • Woodcut
    • Notre-Dame-du-Haut

    • Le Corbusier (1887-1965);
    • Ronchamps, France; Semiotic Drawing of the back of a man's head
    • Male Nude (NM189)

    • Cadmus, Paul (1904-1999);
    • Nude male laying on back
    • Crayons on strathmore paper
    • Female Nude

    • Munch, Edward (1863-1944);
    • Nude female from back
    • Mezzotint
    • Thetis

    • Tiepolo, Giambattista (1696-1770)
    • Figure laying on back
    • Pen and wash
    • Color is Power: 100

    • Walker, Robert
    • New York; Lingerie store with sign that says Cheeks are Back
    • Colour photography
    • Over Lyken Lopen

    • Dumas, Marlene (1953-)
    • Naked person from the front, outline of a person from the back on the bottom
    • Oil on canvas
    • The I of the Storm

    • Williamson, Philemona (1951- )
    • Two youthful figures, one hiding a playhouse behind her back and the other cradling a chair; they are surrounded by ears of corn
    • Oil on linen


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